Saturday 23rd January 2021,
Gay Pornstar Krys Perez

Brown Hair

Hot Twink Krys Perez Talks About 21st Birthday

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The confident and charismatic Krys Perez has just turned 21 in this interview. He tells us he can finally party and reveals a few of his birthday celebrations including a profitable night gambling. He's a wild guy but even so you'll find out which of his fellow actors is so "out-there" sexually that he scares Krys! And he might be old enough to smoke, but he talks about his efforts to quit. Boy do we have a suggestion for what else he could do with his mouth!

October 24, 2010 krysperez Random Stuff 0

Texas Boy Krys Perez Talks Sex

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Krys Perez was born in Texas and lived in Kentucky for a while... So you know his accent is hot! This interview features the sexy Krys talking about his fantasies as well as sexual dos and donts. He's calm, cool, and relaxed. It's fun to just see him being himself, talking about everything from magazines to sex.

February 2, 2010 krysperez Random Stuff 0

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